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Henry Krips taught for many years at the Universities of Melbourne, Pittsburgh, and Claremont Graduate University (LA). He trained as a mathematical physicist, but his interests have spread to Continental Philosophy (Althusser, Foucault and Lacan) and Cultural Studies.

The Good, the Bad and the Deadly: The WHO, EDTA-dependent-PTCP, and AstraZeneca

…the public deserves not to be put at risk when simple precautions can be taken to screen for and guard against possible bad side effects of vaccines, however rare these side effects might be.

Informit: Towards a politics of the unconscious

Althusser's work remains an important milestone on the way to a theory of the subject which does justice both to marxist theories of social structure and Freudian ideas of subjects as something more than 'ensembles of social relations'. But the Althusserian project raises various difficulties. By universalizing the category of the ideological ('ideology has no outside') and separating it from the critical category of 'false consciouness', Althusser seems to leave no space for the political…