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Hans Lofgren is senior lecturer in politics and policy studies at Deakin University. His particular research interest is the political economy of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in Australia, India and globally. He co-edited The Politics and Culture of Globalisation: India and Australia (2009) and Democratising Health: Consumer Groups in the Policy Process (2011).

Communism in India

Ideologies of resistance retain strong appeal in a neo-liberalising India

Informit: India’s parliamentary communism

The Soviet Union is long gone and communist parties elsewhere have mostly faded away. Communist parties have played no role recently in North Africa and the Middle East and were at best marginal in Latin America's turn to the Left. But in India the parliamentary communist Left remains significant, and across large parts of central India revolutionary communists pursue armed struggle under the leadership of a 'Maoist' party.

Informit: Health activism to health ‘consumers’

Many community groups concerned with health issues - women's organisations, disease-oriented patient support groups and older-citizens organisations - were formed long before their designation as 'consumer' groups. Members of health groups founded in the 1960s and 1970s understood themselves as activists for social change, not 'consumers'. They challenged established models of health care and mobilised to redress inequities of access to care and inequalities of power between the medical profession and the 'lay' population. The…

Informit: Big pharma: bullies in the PBS

Informit: A roaring capitalist success story? [Poverty and looming social unrest in India.]

Informit: Patently unfair trade [India’s state-protected pharmaceutical industry is being patented, privatised and plundered by WTO trade rules.]