Articles by: Geoff Sharp

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Informit: Climate change is not the basic issue: [The technoscience-capitalism convergence and climate change.]

Informit: Quadrant

Informit: Bill Clinton had a dream. [The link between the globalisation of capital and information technology.]

Informit: The end of growth: what then?

Informit: Santamaria: a review essay [of Santamaria, B. A. (Bartholomew Augustine). Santamaria: A Memoir (1997 ).]

Informit: The autonomous mass killer

Informit: From here to eternity? [Series of two parts]: Part 2 [Technosciences are contributing to an illusion of social continuity by creating unprecedented discontinuity.]

Informit: Common grounds: democracy and globalisation

Informit: Social form and discourse theory: Foucault and the hidden sociology of poststructuralism

Informit: From here to eternity? [Series of two parts]: Part 1. [How the technosciences are reshaping life.]

Informit: News comment. [Collection of four articles entitled The Advance of the cane toad; Bottom up; Re ranking the schools and Cool customers.]

Informit: At the centre of globalization. -Editorial-