Articles by: Geoff Sharp

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Informit: In all those arenas [Reflecting on forty years of Arena publications.]

Informit: With Sand in Their Eyes

Informit: Sufficient for the day

Through the newly established Yarra Institute, Geoff Lacey has recently published a short book, 'Sufficient for the Day': a contribution to how humanity might move towards a sustainable way of living. As a deeply reflective citizen and practically inclined engineer, Geoff has been working towards answers for more than 50 years. Now he draws upon that life experience as he turns his full focus upon climate change and the prospect of an unprecedented crisis affecting…

Informit: Mass destruction

Informit: Fish farming backfires

The wave of excitement that rippled through the columns of foodie journalism when fresh Atlantic salmon were first landed on local plates has all but trickled away. At twenty dollars per kilo it's unlikely to be on many shopping lists.

Informit: On Don Watson’s ‘Death Sentence’

The different viewpoints on Don Watson's recent book 'Death Sentence: The decay of public language' are discussed. Basic distinctions between public and private language lie in the different level of abstraction of the one relative to the other and with that, in their interdependence.

Informit: No break from ‘all that’?

Robert Manne and David McKnight's plan to reform social democracy misses fundamental questions about the sources of the climate crisis.

Informit: What hope for years to come?

Informit: Is this the end of history?: the Iraq prospect

Informit: Contracting out Indigenous futures

Noel Pearson, as Indigenous activist and intellectual, has consolidated his national prominence of late; some even suggest that he is on course to emulate Obama by moving on to seek election as a federal parliamentary figure.

Informit: To the north by iron rails: tracking between the nation and the globe. [The Alice Springs-Darwin railway.]

Informit: The idea of the intellectual and after [Paper in: Scholars and Entrepreneurs: the Universities in Crisis, Cooper, Simon, Hinkson, John and Sharp, Geoff (eds.).]