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Informit: The natural world and after

This essay was undertaken by one among six contributors to a shared project. Three Christians and three others had agreed that chapter 15 - 'The Imminent Frame' - of Charles Taylor's massive A Secular Age would serve as a reference point for their project: to explore how they might cooperatively envisage a way into the future.

Informit: As revelation and reason founder: A way into the future?

In the course of their consideration of Charles Taylor's A Secular Age, the six contributors to this project agreed that their essays should focus in part on the implications of Taylor's work for outlining a way into the future.

Foundation Arena Articles: Geoff Sharp

Geoff Sharp

2 Jan 2017

Four articles by Geoff Sharp from Arena issues between 1968 and 1992, in PDF format: 'Features of the Intellectually Trained', 'Intellectuals in Transition', 'Constitutive Abstraction and Social Practice', and 'Intellectual Interchange and Social Practice'

Informit: (New) discourse. [Collection of two articles.]

Informit: The ‘movement’ and the new social movements

The history of Bob Santamaria's 'Movement' tells us much about the nature of contemporary politics and the prospects for more recent social movements, according to Geoff Sharp.

Informit: The autonomous mass killer

Informit: From here to eternity? [Series of two parts]: Part 2 [Technosciences are contributing to an illusion of social continuity by creating unprecedented discontinuity.]

Informit: Common grounds: democracy and globalisation

Informit: Social form and discourse theory: Foucault and the hidden sociology of poststructuralism

Informit: From here to eternity? [Series of two parts]: Part 1. [How the technosciences are reshaping life.]

Informit: News comment. [Collection of four articles entitled The Advance of the cane toad; Bottom up; Re ranking the schools and Cool customers.]

Informit: At the centre of globalization. -Editorial-