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Putting Syria Back Together Again by Firas Massouh, Yoni Molad and Stephen Pascoe

A response to Jeremy Salt

Informit: The beast of Syrian modernity: The prison in the writings of Yassin al-Haj Saleh

For Syrian dissident thinker Yassin al-Haj Saleh (YHS) (born 1961), modernity is at once 'a common, universal, and necessary good, and a specifically liberal, Western system of meaning that has been violent in its opposition to Arab self-determination. We might add that it is a common good because of what James Ferguson calls 'the expectations of modernity'. We take this as a stark reminder that one ought to expect more from modernity than a free-market…

Informit: Putting Syria back together again

A response to Jeremy SaltJeremy Salt's essay on Syria published in this edition of 'Arena Magazine' is a misguided contribution to the debate on recent events in that country. Salt's central contention is that the Syrian revolution is not a genuine popular uprising, but instead something more sinister. His essay constructs a rather elaborate theory, the essence of which can be expressed as follows: that the people of Syria who have chosen the path of…

Informit: Syria: Uprising and reactionism

The Syrian government has encouraged the conflation of activism with Islamic movement to keep citizens in a state of fear and obedience.

Informit: Arab awakening

In the Arab world there are times when politics appears to be in suspended animation for decades on end, and then there are periods when developments tumble over each other in rapid succession. The last few weeks have been one of those periods of accelerated change, as Tunisians were able to rid themselves of their president of twenty-three years following a series of mass demonstrations sparked by the self-immolation of twenty-six-year-old Mohammad Bouazizi. The ouster…