Articles by: Fiona Jenkins

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Fiona Jenkins is associate professor in the School of Philosophy, Australian National University, and convenor of the ANU Gender Institute. Her current research covers projects relating to COVID-19 lockdowns viewed through the lens of emergency politics and gender inequality. She is lead investigator on an ARC-funded project, ‘Gendered Excellence in Social Sciences’, examining the relation of gender and patterns of knowledge production in academic disciplines.

Care in the Time of COVID

Care has become visible in a new way during the COVID-19 crisis. Its availability and limits have become part of the stakes of the crisis.

Informit: ‘Casablanca’ in dark times: The ethos of displacement

Casablanca is a film most famous for its timeless story of great romance and sacrifice. It may therefore seem a strange place to begin to think about the 'surplus humanity' of today's refugees, forced migrants and asylum seekers. Yet a revisiting of the film would show that it is, from the outset, concerned with the fate of the many tens of thousands fleeing war and persecution in 1940s Europe, and streaming into unoccupied French North…