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Dean Biron teaches in the School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology. His most recent fragments have appeared in Overland, Meanjin, Screen Education, The Conversation and The Guardian.

Gentle Creatures: Brisbane’s bush stone curlews in the shadow of extinction

Dean Biron

16 May 2022

Now it is the curlew that crouches like a ghost in the shadows of all of those lost creatures, waiting for that future time when it too will exist only in photographs or behind museum glass.

The Backward-Looking Cult of Beatle Worship

What’s really sucking the life out of things is this traditionalist drive to be borne ceaselessly backwards, a program that diminishes the dozens of equally transcendent recording artists who’ve roamed the fallout zone since punk detonated the Beatles-led classic-rock hegemony circa 1976.

Informit: Dark justice: Orwellian justice in the era of the Australian Border Force

In May 2014 the Abbott government announced, with typical bombast, the arrival of a new super-agency in an already cluttered law-enforcement environment. Backed by fresh legislation and with armed troops fitted out in coal-black uniforms, the Australian Border Force (ABF) was to epitomise an increasingly belligerent approach to policing a frontier that then Immigration Minister Scott Morrison termed a 'strategic national asset'.