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Informit: La ricchizza di la terra

Sicilians are a cautious lot - little wonder. The largest island in the Mediterranean has been invaded more times than anywhere else in the world, by Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French, Spanish, various Italian city states (including the Vatican) and the Americans in the Second World War. And now tourists.

Informit: Triumph of the deluded?

In 2008, NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson attacked what he described as 'latte-drinking southerners' for opposing the income quarantining of Aboriginal people. Although the original insult had occurred a few months earlier, by inference Henderson was now attacking his former leader Clare Martin, who, as the Sydney-based CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services, had condemned the Intervention's income-quarantining regime. Whatever Martin's drinking habits, she was definitely a 'southerner' and therefore an apparently legitimate…

Informit: Almaza

A letter from the Saifi in Beirut, a haven amid the rising tensionYou reach the Saifi via a narrow, steepish alley which steps down from Pasteur Street towards the bus station, below via some terraced garden beds. Most of my time, here at least, is spent at Cafe em Nazih on the ground floor; it mirrors the veranda areas two floors above me. A quarter circle perhaps six or seven metres in radius, a bar…