Articles by: Cam Walker

Author Biography:

Cam is the campaigns co-ordinator with Friends of the Earth in Melbourne. He has been involved in environmental and social justice activism in Australia and around the world for many years. While he has spent the last decade working to halt new fossil fuel projects, his background is in forest campaigning.

A continent that burns. And a world that’s getting hotter. Welcome to the Pyrocene.

The world has heated as a result of human activity and now all fire events occur in a warmer environment. This is well documented. We have known it for years.

Logging Old Growth Forests as the World Burns

…we need to manage forests to allow them to be restored—to eventually see the creation of new old growth—not subject them to continued unsustainable logging regimes. Young, regrowth forests are more fire prone. Older forests tend to be more fire resistant...

Informit: Adapt or die [The Australian Government’s response to the 2006 State of the Environment Report.]

Informit: Silent spring, summer, autumn and winter: the government’s Senate majority is being used to muffle sections of civil society

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Informit: Time to choose sides: the green movement and corporate power in the twenty-first century.

Informit: Time for Plan B: with the support of the United States, Indigenous groups are under fire in Colombia.

Informit: La resistencia: resistance as a strategy for sustainability

Informit: Unions and social movements. [Alliances between unions and the green movement.]

Informit: The key to the whole thing. [The struggle of the Newe nation against open pit leach mining highlights the importance of thinking beyond land rights.]