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Brendan Gleeson is Director of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute. His recent books include Degrowth in the Suburbs: A Radical Urban Imaginary (2019) and Urban Awakenings: Disturbance and Enchantment in the Industrial City (2020), co-authored with Samuel Alexander.

Alan Roberts Prize: What if Ivan Illich Were Elected Mayor?

The winning essay for 2021 in Arena’s annual Alan Roberts Prize.

Informit: Everything is thinkable, so what is to be done?

There is no way to begin this essay, at this time, other than by acknowledging the remarkable, mind-bending moment in which we write these words. It is a time of pandemic, one destined to shape the future of human civilisation for years, if not decades ahead. In Australia, the economy has all but shut down, with little open for business besides medical centres and hospitals, supermarkets and food outlets, and a very select number of…

Everything Is Thinkable, So What Is To Be Done?

This is not a time of species affirmation; it is the hour of gravest peril. It is also a reopening of human possibility.

Informit: Annus horribilis for neoliberals