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Informit: Unchained radical prometheans

It is precisely at a time when the socialist Left is extremely weak in developed capitalist countries that utopian thinking flourishes to fill the gap created by the absence of strong mass movements. This is particularly true of the United Kingdom and the United States, where a sense of hopelessness about radical change (as opposed to social democratic change) has produced unusual or spectacular flights of fancy. When major thinkers such as Fredric Jameson contemplate…

Foundation Arena Articles: John Hinkson

Four articles by John Hinkson and a reply by Boris Frankel, from Arena issues spanning 1982 - 1992: 'Beyond Imagination? Responding to Nuclear War', 'Post-Lyotard: A Critique of the Information Society', 'Misreading the Deeper Current: The Limits of Economic Rationality', 'A Postmodern Market Society?' (Frankel), and 'Ships in the Night: A Reply to Boris Frankel'

Abbottville by Boris Frankel

Visions of society and democracy in the Abbott/Hockey budget

Opportunity Lost by Boris Frankel

Marcia Langton’s Boyer Lectures

Informit: Elites … and the politics of Australian nationalism

Informit: Social movements and the political crisis in Australia

Boris Frankel examines the problems facing the social movements in the new political climate and their prospects for renewal.

Informit: From the accord to charity

The sight of key Accordist, Bill Kelty, joining with leading capitalist, Lindsay Fox, in what was little more than an exercise in charity work said it all. In appealing to the selfinterest, if not Christian spirit, of capitalists by begging them to take on workers at governmentsubsidized costs (up to $10,000 per job), Kelty's months of full-time 'charity work confirmed the bankruptcy of the market-dominated perspective which has dominated the ALP and ACTU since the…

Informit: Picking up the pieces

Booing Laurie Brereton at the recent ACTU congress may have been heart-warming, but ultimately it was merely an exercise in nostalgia. For right through the 1980s, the Accord process had effectively laid the basis for a deregulated labour market. All that is at stake now is how the ACTU can minimize the damage to workers' rights - not whether it can take a decentralized enterprise bargaining system off the agenda. From the moment that the…

Informit: Cultural elaborations

Stuart Cunningham's defence of cultural policy analysis (see 'Cultural Criticism and Policy', Arena Magazine Oct./Nov. 1993) is yet another example of the continuing tension dividing the ranks of Australian cultural theorists. More importantly, it highlights the crucial role of cultural policy in the redefinition of national identity - the need for culture not only to legitimate, but to provide the very cognitive, moral and social interactions necessary for the restructuring of local and global political…

Informit: Liberal interpretations. [The Liberals are here to stay.]

Informit: The myth of it’s time. [Australian society paid a high price for Paul Keating’s infatuation with ‘a beautiful set of numbers’.]

Informit: Re/ imagining political economy