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Informit: Unchained radical prometheans

It is precisely at a time when the socialist Left is extremely weak in developed capitalist countries that utopian thinking flourishes to fill the gap created by the absence of strong mass movements. This is particularly true of the United Kingdom and the United States, where a sense of hopelessness about radical change (as opposed to social democratic change) has produced unusual or spectacular flights of fancy. When major thinkers such as Fredric Jameson contemplate…

Foundation Arena Articles: John Hinkson

Four articles by John Hinkson and a reply by Boris Frankel, from Arena issues spanning 1982 - 1992: 'Beyond Imagination? Responding to Nuclear War', 'Post-Lyotard: A Critique of the Information Society', 'Misreading the Deeper Current: The Limits of Economic Rationality', 'A Postmodern Market Society?' (Frankel), and 'Ships in the Night: A Reply to Boris Frankel'

Abbottville by Boris Frankel

Visions of society and democracy in the Abbott/Hockey budget

Opportunity Lost by Boris Frankel

Marcia Langton’s Boyer Lectures

Informit: Ordinary academics standing behind ordinary people [Reply to Watts, Rob. [Review of Brett, Judith and Moran, Anthony. Ordinary People’s Politics (2006)]; in no. 86, Dec 2006-Jan 2007.]

Informit: Sado-workism, the new culture of work in Australia: [This is an extract from Frankel, Boris. Zombies, Lilliputians and Sadists: The Power of the Living Dead and the Future of Australia (2004).]

Informit: Towards the new Australian settlement [Extracted from When the Boat Comes In: Transforming Australia in the Age of Globalisation, Pluto Press.]

Informit: The rise of the sociologist king [Are sociologists kings or pawns of the new economy?]

Informit: Elites … and the politics of Australian nationalism

Informit: Radical politics: the falterings of a third way

Informit: ABC of media. [Response to Wark, McKenzie. Schlock of the Newties, TV and the public intellectual; in no. 25, Oct/ Nov, 1996.]

Informit: Re/ imagining political economy