Articles by: Bhiamie Williamson

Author Biography:

Bhiamie Williamson is a Euahlayi man from north-west NSW with familial ties to north-west Qld. He is a PhD candidate and research associate at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, Australian National University and a director of Country Needs People.

Booming contributions by First Nations to address Australia’s environmental crisis must be recognised

It is time for climate-change policies and programs at regional, state and federal levels to respond to the productive ‘climate action’ of First Nations people with recognition and respect, and equitable resourcing to allow it to flourish.

The full truth of the past: native title and the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission

For Aboriginal people, formal recognition and, in particular, native title cannot be consigned to the margins or made invisible in the pursuit of truth and justice.

Treaty: All ship, no cargo

I can’t help but be disappointed that we find ourselves some fifty years into a Treaty movement, and in the middle of various concurrent Treaty processes, and yet we continue to lack a vision for an outcome or outcomes.