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Anthony O’Donnell is an adjunct senior lecturer at La Trobe University Law School and worked with Moss Cass and Vivien Encel on the biographical study Moss Cass and the Greening of the Australian Labour Party (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2017). This is adapted from a speech given at Moss’s State Memorial.

Informit: Welfare after work?

Informit: Organic cooking?

There's a global financial crisis, so what to cook for dinner tonight? Luckily the Country Women's Association has come to our aid, publishing a book of economical recipes including sheep's head broth and braised mutton bird. And never neglect leftovers, such as shepherd's pie and bubble and squeak. They're a formidable bunch, those country women: apparently 32 000 women pooled their local knowledge to suggest soup and stew recipes that might sustain a family in…

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Informit: Fattest nation in the world?

Informit: The raw and the cooked [Water restrictions and domestic food growing.]

Informit: The raw and the cooked: [On food and culture.]