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Anthony O’Donnell is an adjunct senior lecturer at La Trobe University Law School and worked with Moss Cass and Vivien Encel on the biographical study Moss Cass and the Greening of the Australian Labour Party (Australian Scholarly Publishing, 2017). This is adapted from a speech given at Moss’s State Memorial.

‘Not a Politician’s Politician’: Remembering Moss Cass

Dr Moss Cass (1927–2022), former Labor politician and minister in the Whitlam government, was farewelled at a State Memorial last Monday. Flags atop government buildings were set at half-mast, and past and present Labor MPs, state and federal, as well as present and former leaders of the Greens, all came along. As did former treasurer […]

Informit: A vanished medium [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Dissent: The student press in 1960s Australia, by Sally Percival Wood, (Scribe, 2017).

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Review(s) of: Holocaust, directed by Steven Spielberg.