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Anitra Nelson is an activist scholar, Honorary Principal Fellow at Informal Urbanism Research Hub (InfUr-), University of Melbourne, co-author of Exploring Degrowth: A Critical Guide (2020) and co-editor of Housing for Degrowth (2018) and Food for Degrowth (2021).

Reply to Robinson on ‘Degrowth?’

Disturbingly, the inference is that Robinson believes in economic development, growth and technology, even consumptionism.

Informit: Money, politics, self-sufficiency

In his comment 'Problems with Gifting Economies' ('Arena Magazine' 121) Andy Scerri took Patrick Jones to task for points made in his review article 'Gifting Economies' ('Arena Magazine' 119). This article had taken the book co-edited by us, 'Life Without Money: Building Fair and Sustainable Economies', as a launching point for a discussion of the potential of permaculture and other collective sufficiency initiatives to address the key economic, political and social challenges we all face…