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Trump: Reality TV, by Andrew Lattas

Andrew Lattas

24 Jan 2017

Recently, Trump even called the candidates for his future administrative positions ‘final contestants’.

Informit: Response to Francesca Merlan

I was pleased to see Francesca Merlan ('Arena Magazine' no. 108) distancing herself from the position attributed to her by Barry Morris and Andrew Lattas in the fraught area of anthropology's relationship with the NT Intervention. Yet in demonstrating that she is not of Peter Sutton's view - that Aboriginal culture is an ongoing cause of social dysfunction - Merlan also demonstrates why many of us recoil from the 'action-should-be-taken' position. The 'considered long-term intervention'…

Informit: Embedded anthropology and the intervention

In June 2007, the Federal government staged a dramatic military-like take over of Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, which was orchestrated around a moral panic concerning allegations of pedophile rings and the sexual abuse of children. Exploiting a growing public awareness of serious social problems in remote Indigenous communities, the subsequent measures known as the Northern Territory Intervention were exempted from the Racial Discrimination Act. Many of the measures had little to do with…