Alan Roberts Prize Winner Announced

3 Sep 2019

Arena Magazine and the Arena Publications Editors are pleased to announce that Stephen Pascoe is the winner of the inaugural Alan Roberts Prize for the best essay ‘related to ecology, social life and a politics for the future’.

Stephen’s essay is entitled ‘The Cars That Ate Paris’—a reference to the Paris Accord and to the black comedy by Peter Weir—and reflection on fossil fuel use, cities’ built environment, and our fantasies of freedom related to the car.

Angie Sassano receives second prize for her examination of the problems for democracy in the rhetoric and politics of ‘climate emergency’.

The Arena Editors are pleased to announce an additional category of the Alan Roberts Prize:  ‘Cultural Explorations of the Nuclear Age’. The winner of the best essay in this category is N.A. J. Taylor, with a prize of $500, for his essay ‘Encounters with Nuclear Space and Time’.

The judges were Alison Caddick, John Hinkson and Paul James.

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