Rupture in Remote Australia

Australians are being asked to vote in support of the constitutional establishment of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament while the work of successive governments, Coalition and Labor alike, has been complicit in the killing of First Nations people.

The Limits of Human Control: Nuclear technologies threaten all life, so why do we persist?

The hubris of science towards the everyday world is not a new phenomenon, but where the practices of technoscience now frame our world this tendency is radically escalated.

Beyond Burnout: Finding Meaning in Contradictions

Overcoming burnout doesn’t mean we have to add more and more activities to our schedules to balance our lives at work. Fitting in another yoga class, a run before work and a counselling session on top of all of our other responsibilities may contribute to a feeling of burnout in some, despite how useful these activities may themselves be to others.

The Wolvadoodles: A Review of Sub-Imperial Power

The ‘rules-based international order’ is not a set of rules at all, and still less a set of principles. It is a set of material military arrangements that seek to ensure and enshrine US dominance.

In ‘The Far-Off Afterwards’: D. H. Lawrence’s Kangaroo at 100

On the occasion of its centenary, Kangaroo ought to be read at the level of ideas. The book, in fact, sums up to being one of the most compelling and prognostic critiques ever made of democracy in Australia.

Solastalgia: Every climate change challenge has an internal as well as external dimension

In the end, the notion of solastalgia may prove more helpful looking forward, for it charts much of the difficult mental terrain that the world will have to traverse.

Once Were Revolutionaries: Memory and activism—my father and fieldwork in Turkey

I remember the sweet smell of the state Caykur tea factory, intimate, like perfume in the air; and the shabby suitcase traders from the ‘East’ in towns along the way, selling Russian cameras, samovar teapots, and handicrafts in makeshift harbour bazaars.

The betrayers of Julian Assange

Will Albanese back Australia or Washington on Julian Assange? If he is 'sincere', as the more do-eyed Labor Party supporters say, what is he waiting for? If he fails to secure Julian's release, Australia will cease to be sovereign. We will be little Americans. Official.

What the meaning of Don Dale Is

The prison’s survival is a measure of our country’s moral decline.

Warmongering in the Australian Defence Establishment

The Red Alert exercise is yet another dangerous exercise in the manufacturing of consent for war, an amorally bankrupt exercise that will sideline peaceful approaches. Again, Australian personnel and citizens will find themselves perishing in conflicts at the behest of an insensible hegemon.

From the Archive

‘Fire’ may be an appropriate way to think and talk about the climate-change emergency, not just because we are literally dealing with a burning world but also because it does not bring with it the concerns associated with ‘rule by emergency’.

From the Archive

There is a curious and seldom-told backstory and parallel story to the high-profile Cambridge Analytica scandal, one that makes the notorious firm seem like the tip of the democracy-sinking iceberg.

Philosophy Will Ruin Your Life

Why? you might exclaim, quite legitimately. Why do these philosophers do such things? There are at least two problems with asking this question. First of all, Why? is the philosophical question par excellence. Why do I have to eat this spinach? Why is the sky blue? Why do you ask such stupid questions?

Dispatches from the Forum for Dwelling Justice

The Dwelling Justice Forum brought together leaders, activists, community-based practitioners, scholars and film-makers to stage a conversation about precarity, racial violence, incarceration and dispossession and how these dynamics shape the ways we dwell, and fight for dwelling justice, here on stolen land.

He’s On A Roll: ‘Holding Patterns’ by Alisdair Cannon

There are shades of Swift in Cannon’s solutions to the Birth-Strikes movement: ‘have your child and shoot a banker … gun down a fossil fuel executive … kill a politician for each child you have’.

No March of Redemption for Israelis: The Netanyahu government’s attack on Israel’s Supreme Court

As long as Israel could continue pretending to be a full democracy, the world could look aside and ignore the occupation.

Preparing for the Next War: Subordination, escalation and the Battle for Ukraine

The US and its allies are backing Ukraine to the hilt in order to further subordinate Europe to NATO in preparation for a possible war with China.

Vintage and Vantage: The Redress of Old Literature

To catch a glimpse of what that word ‘human’ might actually mean at different removes of historical and evolutionary time demands slow reflection.