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Indigenous Australia and the 2016 Budget: The Great Australian Fiscal Silence

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In 1968 anthropologist Bill Stanner spoke of the Great Australian Silence in relation to the historical mistreatment of Indigenous peoples, a national myopia. The just announced 2016 Budget could be similarly termed ‘the Great Australian Fiscal Silence’, a fiscal myopia incommensurate with the level of need.

Latest comment: An excellent article. The silence in this and other must be broken. Also very worth listening to Jon'...

Book Launch – ‘The Intervention: an Anthology’

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‘concerned Australians’ together with Arena Magazine & Journal warmly invite you to the Melbourne book launch of ‘The Intervention: an Anthology’ : a historic anthology, bringing together Australia’s finest Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers on an issue largely unknown to the public.

James Price Point: Victory or Loss?

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The proposed—and seemingly doomed—gas hub at James Price Point has been a kind of Rorschach test, reflecting observers’ ideological leanings back to …

Latest comment: Another interesting story about the struggle between mining companies wanting to make a profit, Australian...