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Cruelty and Outrage

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Hidden from view in our lives in general, animal death is very hard to bear, and with the once relatively confident justifications for it beginning to slip away, the rawness tends to come into focus.

Latest comment: Go vegan. Stop the murder of billions of animals. Stop the animal holocaust. See the real world. The...

Surrogate Democracy

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“We live in a liberal democratic society in which democracy has come to mean openness to individuals’ personal rights and needs, with virtually no examination of what they might mean” writes Alison Caddick

Latest comment: Again, Caddick provides much to ponder, and manages to link the 'local' issue - ethical and political...

WikiLeaks: Power and the Network

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The underlying story in all this is not the content but the form—the form of the vehicle that brings the revelations in this mass (apparently) uninterpreted form, and the claims that are being made of it, writes Alison Caddick