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For more than 4 decades Arena has through its publications been engaged in a process of political and cultural interpretation. The shift towards a globalised high-tech society dominated by markets and finance has meant that Arena’s interpretative project has become increasingly complex and multi faceted. Much of what was once took for granted in terms of cultures, societies, identities and values is open to challenge. To be critically engaged necessarily today means to be concerned with not only politics but with science, the environment, indigenous communities, militarization, the circulation of money and peoples, the centrality of images and information and so on.

Coming to terms with this radical transformation lies at the heart of the Arena project. Much of this shift occurs in the realm of images and sensations which are stimulated, harnessed enhanced and disciplined in contemporary work and leisure. This change in what we might think of in our cultural or aesthetic lives means the old relationship between art and politics must be rethought with a new sense of urgency and importance.

It is in this spirit that the Arena Project Space was originally developed to allow for artists to engage with this emerging situation, one where both ‘art’ and what it engages with has acquired new forms and meanings, as well as new political dimensions.

The arena project space has developed into a mixed-use space, hosting social gatherings, film screenings, discussions and exhibitions. It is not a classical gallery space, but rather a dynamic place where different aspects of discussion, thought, art and community connect. There is also office and desk space currently being used by a variety of individuals and groups.

Arena is interested in engaging with those whose work might be thought of as complementary to the aims of Arena’s other activities: work that is critical or exploratory or which documents radical changes in contemporary culture and society.

As such, Arena is open to being approached by groups or individuals who would like to utilise the space for:



Desk or Office use

If you or your group are interested in using the space, finding out what is currently going on, or just some more details, please email: or .

For more information contact Arena Project Space on (03) 9416 0232 or via the above email.

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