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Arena journal no.9

1997: General Issue

ARENA journal

Number Nine, 1997


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An Overview for the Next Millennium? Geoff Sharp

Commentaries: The World at Large

Jerusalem the Golden Jeremy Salt
Oktober ’97: Students Strike Back Paul James

Theory and Politics

Heidegger and a Further Question Concerning Technology Simon Cooper
The Work Ethic and Prospects for the New Poor Zygmunt Bauman

Markets, Intellectuals & Postmodernity

The Postmodern Market John Hinkson
Dialogue: Globalization and the Left Geoff Sharp


Environmentalism and Individualism: On Seeing What is not Forgotten Alan Roberts
Environmentalism, Postmodernism & Anxiety Aaron Gare
Only a Comet Can Save Us Peter Cotton

Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies and Cultural Hegemony Andrew Milner
Stuart Hall: Biography of a Diasporic Intellectual Tania Lewis

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