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Arena journal no.20

2002/03: General Issue

ARENA journal

Number Twenty, 2002/03



  Alison Caddick 1

Commentaries: The World at Large

War, Terror, Freedom

Après la Guerre: dark thoughts, some whimsy John Docker 3
Good Times in the History of Freedom John Hinkson 17
In the Name of Freedom Comes a Totalizing War-Machine Paul James 25
Suicide Bombers: A Colonial Phenomenon Lorenzo Verancini 37
Terrorism and Cultural Studies E. San Juan Jr 45
Triple Bottom-line Capitalism and the Third Place Andrew Scerri 57

Aboriginal Sovereignty

Quiet Revolution in Aotearoa New Zealand Stephen Turner 67
Missed Meanings: The Language of Sovereignty in the Treaty Debate Lisa Strelein 83
‘Aboriginal Welfare’ and the Denial of Indigenous Sovereignty Bruce Buchan 97


Transports of the Imagination: Some Relations between Globalization and Literature Simon During 123
Pigs and Pearls: Art and Life in Montenegro Lorraine Mortimer 141
Derrida and the Palestinians Christopher Wise 167
Israeli Representations of an Arab Intellectual Maurice Khouri 187

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