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Arena journal no.14

1999/2000: General Issue

ARENA journal

Number Fourteen, 1999/2000



Towards Global Diversity John Hinkson 1

Commentaries: The World at Large

Annus Horribilis for Neoliberals Brendan Gleeson and Nicholas Low 9
Chechnya — Politics of the New Barbarism Roger D. Marwick 21
Death by Sashimi: the Survival of the Southern Bluefin Tuna Richard Tanter 31
Kashmir in Political Perspective John McGuire 39

Nationalism and Post-Nationalism

Beyond a Post-Nationalist Imaginary: Grounding an Alternative Ethics Paul James 53
Constitutional Politics in Mullti-National Canada Peter H. Russell 75
Nationalism, Socialism and the Case of Quebec Kai Nielsen 83
England’s Occluded Nationalism: State and Nation in English Identity Ben Wellings 99


Valuing Nature: Teresa Brennan’s Economic Theory Michelle Renee Matison 113


The Limits of Openness: A Comment on Alastair Davidson and Michael Arnold Simon Cooper 127
Welfare After Work? Anthony O’Donnell 140

Notes on Contributors


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