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Arena journal no.1

1993: General Issue

ARENA journal

Number One, 1993


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Cooperation After Modernity

Interpretation and the Present

Racism, AntiRacism and Moral Progress Zygmunt Bauman
Postmodern Economy, Value, SelfFormation and Intellectual Practice John Hinkson
Islam as an Identity Discourse: The Turkish Immigrant in Germany Aysegul C. Baykan

Culture and the Self in Social Theory

Foucault and Psychoanalysis Peter Cotton
Towards a Politics of the Unconscious Henry Krips
Foucault and Sade Dominique Lecourt
Public and Private Paradox: Prostitution And the State Philippa Levine
The Semiotics of Veiling and Vision: Women and Cinema Hamid Naficy
The Trouble with Homo Faber: The Dead Hand of Craft Kevin D. S. Murray

Theorizing the Cultural Ground

Marx and the Abstract Nation Paul James
Weber and Elias on Civilization: Protestant Ethics and Sport in England Helmut Kuzmics
Extended Forms of the Social Geoff Sharp

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